My Deal

Ever since I first crawled out of the crib with a Canon in one hand and a model release in the other I've been taking pictures...

Well, not really, but I always love when photographers say stuff like that. Actually, I've been a lot of things on my way to becoming a photographer: bouncer, bartender, dog trainer, writer, director, ad man, salesman, beggerman, thief. A lifetime of experience inspires my view and my vision. I approach photography believing in the power of a single photograph to tell a story, and not just in that Rod Stewart "Every Picture Tells a Story" way, but in the way that in a really good picture, in a look or a tilt of the head, you can see a person's past and sometimes even their future.

Sometimes, my job is to document this, sometimes to create it, but I'm always conscious of it; I always seek it out. I approach my work as if I'm witnessing a private, intimate moment. The result are pictures with a sense of immediacy; what you're seeing is happening now and at no other time. The faces in these photographs are an emotional Rorschach Test: In the end, you supply your own story

Then again, sometimes I just like taking pictures of dogs. Depends on the day.

A More Traditional Bio

Eric Charles is an LA based photographer and filmmaker specializing in nightlife, events and portraiture. Published in the US and Europe, he has created several iconic images that document the underground nightlife scene on the West Coast. 

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